Acacia Village is Independent Living not Assisted Living

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Acacia Village receives several inquiries per month from people looking for Assisted Living.  Acacia Village is not Assisted Living, we are Independent Living.  There are important distinctions between Assisted Living and Independent Living.  So, when someone contacts us, we work to determine which one best suits their needs.

To live in an Independent Living community, like Acacia Village, you need to be able to take care of yourself without additional assistance.  When someone calls or visits and says they are looking for Assisted Living, we usually start out by asking a series of questions to determine if Acacia Village will be a good fit for them.

  1. Is this person able to take care of their own personal needs?
  2. Are they able to administer and keep track of their own medications?
  3. Are they able to dress themselves and take care of their own hygiene?

If the answer is no to any of those questions then Acacia Village is not where you should be looking.

We don’t provide any medical or personal care services here.

If someone calls looking for Independent Living, we’ll ask different questions.

  1. Are they are getting tired of the upkeep on their current home?
  2. Would they like to have more free time to pursue their interests?
  3. Are they interested in making new friends?
  4. Would they appreciate not having to cook every meal?

If they answer yes, then they might want to explore the Acacia Village lifestyle a little more.

At Acacia Village we encourage people to make this move while they can really enjoy the way of life we offer.  I often tell people it’s better to make this move 5 years too early than 5 minutes too late.  If they wait until there is a crisis, then chances are they might need a higher level of care.

Independent Living provides the active adult more independence than living at home because it frees them up from the bulk of household chores and maintenance.  Residents come and go as they please. They are welcome to have family and friends come and visit.  They can entertain and cook in their own apartment or treat their guests to a meal in the café or dining room.

Small dogs and cats that fit the pet policy are at home here too. Overnight guests are welcome to stay in a resident’s apartment or they can book a modest room on campus based on availability.  Residents can choose to participate in many activities or none at all.

Acacia Village is strictly a rental community so there is no large up front entrance fee like you might find at other retirement communities.

If you visit, talk to people that live here; you’ll find that most of them will say that they wish they had moved here sooner.


Retirement living testimonial

“One of the joys of being here is the comfort of being amongst friends.”

- Tom Smedley, Acacia Village Resident

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